Audacity is a program that allows its users to edit their audio clips for free.It is an easy desktop application to use and is constantly being upgraded for fast and better results. With this application you can record voice memos as well as lectures.Audacity is available for free at their website.






Blackboard is an academic Web based Learning Management System.It offers a number of tools for instructors and students which help them to digitally offer new ways of teaching & learning to students.Blackboard works by allowing a course Website for each of your classes, located together in a main directory home page when you log in.  You just need to click on whichever class you are looking for, and you are taken to that virtual classroom.  The teacher will be able to use this virtual space to post assignments, syllabi, and even quizzes.  There is also a centralized e-mail feature within each classroom that works between yourself, your teacher, and your peers in that class.




Camtasiais a screen-recording software for Windows and Mac.This tool allows you to record video of what is happening on your computer screen at that moment.  This is an incredible tool that allows you to dictate what you want to show someone, in a very simple, and visual way: by showing them on your screen.  It even offers a way for you to record audio with that video so that you can even offer your lecture in this format by showing slides, and talking about them at the same time.Camtasia offers a free trial of their software at their website.Screen Capturing for Camtasia (PC+ MAC)

  1. Open Camtasia Studio
  2. Seeing the four icons on the left hand side, Click Record the Screen.
  3. Choose from the bottom toolbar, either Full Screen or Custom.
  4. Make sure audio is turned on and the webcam turned off.
  5. By clicking the effects button on the top of the box, you can choose to hide cursor and click or either highlight cursor and clicks.
  6. On the right side of the box, click the red record button.
  7. When finished Recording press F10 on your keyboard.





Grademarkis a utility within Turnitin that offers a way to digitally mark a students paper.The Grademark tool allows you to make corrections, annotations, among other things to a paper that has been submitted.  This is a more efficient way for an instructor to make the corrections that they need all in one location in regards to grading a paper.Turnitin offers a video tutorial on Grademark at this link.


Respondusis a tool for the creation and management of exams.These assessments can then be managed or  be printed and published directly onto Blackboard.  This is a great tool that allows instructors to digitally create their quizzes or tests.  This saves instructors time and also gives them a simple way of “pushing” those assessments to the online learning communities.Respondus offers a number of examples on their website.


Turnitinis an Internet-based plagiarism-detection service created by iParadigms, LLC.This website allows institutions, typically universities and high schools to buy licenses to submit essays to the Turnitin website, which checks the documents for plagiarism. When students submit their papers on the teacher will then receive the paper with the final edits from the website that will include plagiarism citations.To set up an account, go to Turnitin’s website and register.




Horizon Wimba Live ClassroomTo access Horizon Wimba Live Classroom, click the Course Content tab in your Blackboard course, then click the Live Classroom folder.
Click ‘Enter this Room’ to participate. You will be prompted with a pop up window, instructing you to Run the Wizard setup. Please run the wizard for the first time you are logging in to Live Classroom. You must run the wizard to ensure that you are ready for Live Instruction.
If you already configured your wizard before, you can skip and click on the ‘click here’ option at the bottom of the pop up.Be sure to have Quicktime and Java installed to participate. Both can be downloaded for free from: you will need a microphone headset to communicate back. In case you don’t, you may use your phone to dial in with the provided toll free number with a pin code unique to your class.




Meebo is an instant messaging client that allows you to login with multiple accounts, all in one convenient place.If you want a simple to use way to access all of your chat clients at once, this is a great web application.  You can sign in with anything from Yahoo IM, MSN, AIM, to Facebook Chat.This is a great tool for keeping all of your contacts in one easy to access place.  All that you need to do is go to Meebo’s website, and you can either sign up for a Meebo account so that you can save all of your separate profiles instead of logging in each time, or you can log in individually at the top.Since Meebo is not a native application for your computer, you have to keep your browser window open in order to maintain your chats.  Meebo does however have clients for Android, Blackberry, and iOS mobile devices.  These applications allow you to have a native chat client on your device.Additionally, on devices that are not listed, you can simply access the mobile Meebo website in your internet browser, and have the same great experience that is offered on the computer.


Wimba PRONTO is an instant messaging client that is an extension of Wimba.This is a desktop application that is used to communicate between your classmates in each of your courses that is offered on Blackboard.  It is very similar to the Wimba that is offered as an online classroom tool, but it loses the chatroom feel in favor of something more simple.Wimba PRONTO can be found within Blackboard.  There is a link on your My Blackboard page that allows you to download and register the application.




QuicktimeScreen Capturing for QuickTime (Mac)

  1. First step is to open QuickTime Player.
  2. Click File then New Screen Recording.
  3. Using the disclosure arrow, select which microphone you would like to use, as well as the quality of the video.
  4. Click the red record button and it will begin recording immediately.
  5. For importing options, you can upload directly to YouTube, iTunes or use the trimmer and trim the capture.


DivX PlayerDivX player works on both Mac and Windows PCs as a video compression software. Not only can you use DivX to watch videos on a computer, you can also play your video online and embed it within a website or blog. DivX supports several file formats including .avi, .wmv, .mp4 and more. Their are several options open to you through DivX. To learn more, visit their website at http://www.DivX.comInstallation:Download the current version of DivX. Then open the file and select “run” to initiate the installation. Follow the screen guide to complete the setup. Once instlled, you can run DivX to play any of your video files.


VLC Media PlayerVLC is a free open source multimedia player and framework which acts as a media converter and streamer. VLC can play most video files and DVDs, Audio CDs and streaming video. Available for a variety of platforms, VLC can be used with Windows, Mac and Linux. Learn more about VLC and download it here. Http://




Skype is a multi-faceted VoIP application for Mac, PC, and smartphones.The latest release of Skype is 5.0 for Mac & PC.  Skype allows you to make phone calls by purchasing a cost-effective VoIP (Voice over Internet-Protocol, or phone calls over the Internet) plan, and this can be transferred to the smartphones so you do not use your costly cellular carrier minutes in order to make calls.Skype also has an instant messaging client that allows you to communicate much like other chat programs.  With this chat function there is also the availability of video-chatting embedded within the program.  Skype video-chatting has recently been opened up and is useable on the iOS suite of products, which allow for video calls between phones/tablets and computers.Skype offers an easy way to create your username; all that you need is an email address and a chosen username with password.You can get Skype for either Mac, PC, or your mobile device from their website.


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