For Students

Online Course Requirements and Overview

  • What is an Online Course? (Link)
  • What does it take to be a successful Online Student? (Video)
  • Technology Requirements (Link)
  • How to Login to Blackboard (DOC)

Blackboard 9 Student Training

Basic (required)

  • How to Navigate in Blackboard (Video)
  • Changing Your Password (Video)
  • Editing your Personal Information (Video)
  • Checking Your Grades (Video)
  • Taking a Test Online (Video)
  • Submitting an Assignment (Video)
  • Creating a Discussion Board Post (Video)
  • Creating a New Discussion Board Thread (Video)
  • Replying to a Discussion Board Thread (Video)
  • Organizing Discussion Board Posts (Video)
  • Viewing Grades for Discussions (Video)
  • Sending Email From Your Course (Video)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Link)

Intermediate (recommended)

Advanced (optional)

  • Creating and Editing a Wiki (Video)
  • Viewing your contribution to a Wiki (Video)
  • Linking Wiki pages (Video)

Turnitin Student Training

Internet Browser Troubleshooting

  • Disable Pop-Up (Link)
  • Downgrade your browser (Link)
  • Reset your Internet Browser (Link)
  • Uninstalling Browser Toolbars (Link)

Software Tutorials

Mac OS Tutorials

Smartphone Resources

  • iPhone Manual & Support (Link)
  • Droid Product Support (Link)
  • Samsung Product Support (Link)
  • Add an e-mail to a Smartphone (Link)

Tablets & eBook Readers

Windows 7 Tutorials

  • Install, Upgrade & Activate (Link)
  • Internet Explorer 9 (Link)
  • Hardware & Drivers (Link)
  • Performance & Maintenance (Link)
  • Security, Privacy & User Accounts (Link)
  • Desktop & Personalization (Link)
  • Files, Folders & Search (Link)
  • Networking, Email & Online (Link)
  • System Repair & Recovery (Link)
  • Pictures & Video (Link)
  • Music & Sound (Link)


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