Learning Technologist


•   Assist with Blackboard and Horizon Wimba training and troubleshooting for the online and blended courses

•   Assist with instructional material development including video and audio podcasts

•   Teach selected instructional workshops and seminars that benefit the online and blended courses. A list of workshops can be found at

•   Train faculty and students on the use of Web2.0 tools

•   Assist in training and technology support for the video conferencing enhanced courses

•   Act as Teaching Assistants for specific undergraduate and graduate courses

•   Assist with production of Nutshell video lectures

•   Assist as an embedded learning technologist in an online and blended course environment


•   Troubleshoot technology on campus

•   Build coursework on Blackboard, including tests and assignments

•   Reset passwords for Blackboard, Network, Email or Self-Service

•   Reset Blackboard test attempts, inform of the grades, delete or modify instructional materials or discussion postings

•   Convert CD’s, DVD’s and other media formats to digital format

•   Upload journal articles, presentations and any other copy-righted materials to Blackboard

In the absence of an instructor

Educational Learning Technologist is not responsible for the management or teaching of an online or a blended course in the absence of an instructor. Instructors are responsible for informing an ELT if they are planning to be away and unable to teach or provide instructional support to their class. In their absence instructors are responsible for the management, resetting attempts and grade delivery for all online assignments. In case of an emergency absence, an instructor must secure a written permission (email is fine) to inform and instruct an ELT to reset test submissions, selective releases to particular students or test rescheduling.

Class canceling

Instructors teaching video conferencing enabled classes must notify all students and ELT in advance. An ELT will notify appropriate staff members and ensure that campus resources are not wasted. If the class is canceled than that class time must be made up by:

•   additional BB assignments

•   rescheduling a class to another time

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