What are the differences between different types of Distance Education courses?

Online Course: an online course is a course that delivers more than 75% of its content electronically.
Blended Course: a blended course is a course that delivers approximately 30% – 75% of its content electronically.
Web-Enhanced Course: a web-enhanced course is a course that delivers less than 30% of its content electronically.

How does the quality of the online program compare with the classroom program?

Our online courses are taught by accomplished professors who offer the professional experience, excellent academic credentials and expertise that are characteristic of Alvernia University. In comparison with the traditional classroom courses, the online and blended formats are enriched with the various forms of instructional technology. With the assistance of the Blackboard course management system, video-conferencing, and a multitude of other technologies, our courses are designed to deliver the best learning experience and to provide flexibility to students who are unable to participate in the traditional classroom format.

Why learn online instead of attending classes on campus?

Alvernia offers both in-class and online-based programs to meet the needs of all different types of learners.

In today’s fast paced world, many working professionals don’t have time to come to campus a couple of times a week. Long work hours, family activities, and gas prices are all reasons that graduate students are looking for an online experience.

Many traditional classroom students feel that they could absorb more material, or provide better answers if they had more time. Online courses give you that time. You can take your time listening to lectures (or even pause for a snack break), think about discussion questions, see how others have responded, and formulate your own well-thought-out reply, on your own time and in your own space. Relax and learn more.

Am I required to take any courses on campus?

Each student enrolled in the online program is required to attend four weekend seminars on Alvernia’s main campus to help provide program orientation and give students an opportunity to meet, discuss course material, present findings, and network with fellow classmates.

Leaders in executive business administration will discuss issues and policies that currently impact the business environment.

Students are also required to present their capstone presentations to both faculty and students in person, during the final seminar.

What technology will I need to take classes online through Alvernia?

Alvernia on-line students are responsible for communications software and internet service. There are both minimum and suggested requirements for computer setup. Click here to see the requirements page. The Blackboard learning course  management system, where students access their online courses, is accessible through the Alvernia website.

Is there a cost difference between the online and on campus classes?

There is a minimal difference between the programs, due to textbooks being included in the online tuition price.

What kind of course work can I expect?

Students can expect a series of assignments including examinations, case studies, projects, papers, comprehensive problems, and online discussions to ensure mastery of learning outcomes.

In addition, the capstone course requires completion of a major field test and a comprehensive capstone project which must be presented to professors and students during a weekend seminar.

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